The search for the ultimate luxury property starts with a vision. HELI-REALTORS® brings that vision to life by its game changing approach to real estate sales.

By combining the advantages of helicopter flight with the most accomplished real estate professionals in the industry, HELI-REALTORS® sought after changing the paradigm of buying real estate in up-market areas. By taking to the air in search of truly magical properties, HELI-REALTORS® allows the most discerning clientele to soar above the traffic and hone in on the most exquisite, coveted properties in the region while scouting for the perfect property that may or may not be listed for sale. Once a property is located, HR accredited agents will skillfully negotiate the transaction and if needed, convert an unsuspecting homeowner into a seller.

“From pinpointing the most in-demand properties, to utilizing our proprietary in flight property search and live video feed technology, HELI-REALTORS® manages every detail of domestic and international real estate transactions. The professional, white glove, top-level service for real estate buyers is the foundation of our business. Our helicopter tours are one way we deliver that service.” – Brett Lieberman (Co-Founder)